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Incoterms 2000

Group E (Departure)
EXWORKS (…Named place )
Group F (Main carriage unpaid)
FCA Free Carrier (…Named place )
FAS Free Along Side Ship (…Named port of shipment )
FOB Free On Board (…Named port of shipment )
Group C (Main carriage Paid)
CFR Cost and Freight (…named port of destination )
CIF Cost Insurance And Freight (…named port of destination )
CPT Carriage paid To (…named place of destination )
CIP Carriage and Insurance Paid To (…named port of destination )
Group D (Arrival)
DAF (…Named place)
DES Delivered Ex Ship (…named place of destination )
DEQ Delivered Ex Quay (…named place of destination )
DDU Delivered Duty Un Paid (…named place of destination )
DDP Delivered Duty Paid (…named place of destination )

While drafting cotters 2000 ‚ considerable efforts have been Made to achieve as much consistency as possible and desirable With respect to the various expressions used throughout the thirteen Terms . Also ‚ whenever possible ‚ the same expression as appear In the 1980 UN convention on contracts for the international sale of Goods (CISG) have been used .

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